Filling Manufacturing Blind Spots

Make effective decisions with a complete data picture. Made easy with Thinaer powered by Microsoft Azure.

Improve Yield

Use operations data to equip analysts with the data needed to perform analytics and optimize production.

Increase Profitability

Manage assets, equipment, and machinery more efficiently with a new class of data.

Decrease Maintenance

Collect data from your equipment to understand its performance and health to make better maintenance decisions.

The Thinaer and Azure Difference

Asset Tracking

Utilize Thinaer’s precise asset tracking technology to maintain real-time visibility of all assets, reducing losses and improving operational efficiency across the board.

Digital Twins

Thinaer’s platform allows you to collect critical data from physical equipment, machinery and raw materials, building the industry’s most complete dataset for next-gen AI initiatives.

Make your end-to-end process smarter by integrating data with Thinaer

Thinaer integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, ERP, and BI tools, empowering decision-makers with data-driven insights required to make better, more profitable, production decisions.


How to Implement and Deploy an Effective IIoT Digital Transformation Project

Tracking the untrackable with continuous and contextualized visibility into current blind spots is the foundation of every commercial and classified area manufacturing digital transformation initiative improving yield, profitability, and compliance while decreasing waste, maintenance and energy consumption.

What are the secrets to effectively deploying IIoT and generating ROI? Download this free guide with 8 actionable tips to help you successfully implement IIoT in your operations.


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