Bryan Merckling

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan is a visionary technologist.

With the world’s largest B2B online exchange, Bryan connected companies from all over the world and re-engineered the supply chains of multiple industries.

Bryan then built Webify as co-founder and COO, where he connected the healthcare industry using web services technology. After major health networks and insurance companies including BCBS and Aetna adopted the technology, Webify was acquired by IBM.

Bryan served as Director of Worldwide Software Strategy for IBM where he analyzed emerging technologies and the potential market sizes of each new technology stream. Bryan also led the channel due diligence for IBM business acquisitions.

Bryan left IBM to connect coaches and athletes around the world with technology that is now core to the operations of some of the world’s largest sports programs and used by athletes around the world, including Hank Haney Golf and the Tour Academies. The technology has been featured on ESPN and is under LOI to be acquired.

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