Thinaer x Cisco Meraki Partnership Overview

Take the next steps towards out of the box IIoT leveraging an existing Cisco Meraki infrastructure.

Start making decisions with a complete dataset

Together, Thinaer & Cisco Meraki are filling digital data blindspots

Integrate Cisco Meraki Access Points & Sensors with Thinaer’s Platform for a new class of contextualized data

Combine an existing Meraki infrastructure with IoT sensor data in Thinaer’s platform and receive bottom line impacting insights. The Thinaer x Cisco Meraki joint solution maximizes productivity, decreases costs, and drives ROI.

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Transform your operations with the Thinaer x Cisco Meraki joint solution
Leverage Thinaer Gateways, Meraki Access Points, and Passive Bridges (if necessary) to build an all encompassing IIoT environment.

How It Works:

  • Cisco Meraki Access Point customers identify need for an IIoT solution.
  • Deployed Meraki Access Points are configured to function as a standard Thinaer Gateway.
  • Customer installs additional Thinaer Gateways to create a mesh infrastructure layout.
  • Customer uses Meraki sensors and Thinaer IIoT devices to collect asset and equipment data across their operations.
  • The Access Points and Gateways read IoT sensor data and send data to the cloud for processing.
  • Thinaer’s Sonar contextualizes data and delivers ROI-driving insights.

Fill Digital Blind Spots. Complete Your Data Picture.

1. Track all your assets in real time

Easily locate assets in real-time and save costs using valuable location insights.

2. Monitor machine performance

Manage and visualize equipment performance KPIs in a single platform.

3. Maintain product integrity

Enable real-time monitoring and alerts on product conditions.

4. Make your smart machines smarter

Unify your data and turn your smart machines into insight driving hubs.


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