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Leading organizations around the world trust Thinaer to be their partner in delivering ROI driving IIoT solutions using its out of the box IIoT platform.

Trusted partners to the world’s leading companies and some of the largest IoT deployments in the world

Out of the Box IIoT

Real World Applications & Use Cases

Creating a Factory of the Future for a Fortune 100 DoD Manufacturer


Processes became outdated over time with little adoption of new tech.

Human error prone quality control methods led to increased inventory costs.

Little-to-no visibility into production process increased production of scrap parts and sunk costs.

Solution – Thinaer Enterprise IIoT

Deployed incremental pilot’s with Thinaer to accurately demonstrate ROI.

Implemented various IIoT solutions such as: real time asset tracking, machine health & utilization tracking, and environmental monitoring.

Integrated Thinaer’s platform with existing ERP and MES systems to begin modeling millions of data points.


$30 Million in total ROI.

3X productivity after scaling to 3 business divisions.

$1.8 Million/year in productivity by eliminating need to search for lost assets.

Tracking Machine Utilization to Reduce Equipment Downtime for an Aerospace Manufacturer


Unexpected machine failures and unnecessary downtimes.

Prolonged productivity loss led to increased expenses.

Solution – Thinaer Machine Utilization

Collected and contextualized key equipment performance KPIs such as: pressure, vibration, voltage, current, temperature, and humidity.

Analyzed multiple metrics on a single graph, identify trends, and compare current machine runs to past healthy runs.

Alerted key personnel when Thinaer’s platform detects equipment conditions are trending towards failure.


15% decrease in unscheduled equipment downtime.

Precision monitoring raw materials to reduce waste for Manufacturing company


Manual recording of environmental factors slowed productivity and led to increased labor costs.

Processes stalled due to bottlenecks from damaged raw materials entering the process.

Solution – Thinaer Environmental Monitoring

Placed Thinaer IoT sensors on sensitive raw material containers, enabling real-time monitoring of environmental factors.

Alerted personnel using Thinaer’s Smart IoT alerting engine when factors were out of proper condition range


9% decrease in raw material waste, decreasing the need for costly re-ordering of damaged material.


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