Forming the first-ever Blockchain working group for mid-market supply chain optimization


Thinaër, Group50 and Sweetbridge Alliance combining solutions for blockchain data integration, secure IoT and supply chain liquidity with industry best practices for blockchain platform delivery and implementation

This Blockchain trifecta marks a clear opportunity by transforming traditional supply chain use cases into smarter, more secure use cases. The working group aims to combine the value of each company’s solution into a single, tangible force that will improve the value of supply chains across the mid-market:

  • Group50’s Blockchain solution (Scioebc™) ensures immutability and traceability of data along the chain
  • Thinaër’s IoT platform ensures security and reliability of sensor data across highly regulated industries
  • Sweetbridge Alliance’s economic platform provides transparency and promotes standards that ensure access to otherwise locked value

This strategic collaboration is set to promote broad adoptability and scalability of Blockchain technology across industries that demand secure and traceable data handling.

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