Hayden Manning

JavaScript Engineer

Making pull requests and deploying code from day one!

Graduating top of his cohort at DevMountain, Hayden immediately sought a career in an industry where he’d have the potential to affect billions of lives on a daily basis. That’s when he found THINaër! The Internet of Things coupled with Hayden’s passion for learning as much as he can makes for an enjoyable work day centered on finding new and exciting out-of-the-box ways to utilize existing technology.

Since joining THINaër, Hayden has spent his time developing the new and improved Sonar application to aggregate new data, display it in new ways and make it available for consumption in the smoothest way possible. With the goal of being the best developer he can be, Hayden is constantly consuming material and finding new ways to build solutions.

In his free time, Hayden can be found learning more about technology and computer hardware. He enjoys building his own computers, tinkering with electronics, and theory-crafting new ideas. With an interest in video games, Hayden can also be found exploring different mediums of consumption from reading to playing.

Above all, Hayden will always be growing in knowledge and using various tools to continue learning each and every day.

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