Setting Up Maps & Places

Using locationing? Let’s set up your maps and places.


Viewing Maps
The Maps landing page provides an at-a-glance view of all of the Maps and Zones where you are tracking and monitoring your Asset. From this tab, you can add as many Maps as needed by selecting Create Map.

Uploading Maps

  1. To add a Map you will need a photo image or scanned copy of your map. 
  2. From the Maps page, select Create Map
  3. Upload, name, and add keywords to your map.

Editing Maps

  1. From the Maps tab, find the Map you want to edit. 
  2. Click Edit. 
  3. From the edit page, you can:
    1. Add, delete, or move Gateways
    2. Add, delete, or move Places
    3. Add, delete, or move Stationary Beacons
    4. Update Static Measurement


Places are zones or areas that are setup on your Maps to help you identify where your Assets are. You can use Places to quickly see all Assets in this area. From this dashboard, you can sort Places, edit them, and see how many of them need to be checked.

Viewing Places 

Select Places from the left navigation.

Select the Place you would like to view. 

Toggle between Assets, Stationary Beacons, and Gateways.

Creating Places 

From the Maps tab, find the Map you want to add a Place to. 

Click Edit. 

From the edit page, click on the Places section.

Click on “Add a Place” 

Name your new Place and click the green check mark. 

Click on the pin icon to start drawing your Place on the map. 

To complete your Place, click on the first point you drew. 

Press Save.

Editing Places 

From the Maps tab, find the map you want to edit a Place on. 

Click Edit.

From the edit page, click on the Places section.

Use the edit icon to change the Place name. 

Use the pin icon to move the points on the Map. 

Use the trash can icon to remove the Place from the Map.

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