Thinaër for Financial Services

Empower employee growth, culture change, and performance improvement across your organization.


The real-time feedback solution provides enhanced visibility into our operations and performance. The real-time feedback solution gives us insight into what we’re doing well, and where we can get better. This helps us direct training, coaching, and individual support for our associates so they are empowered to deliver superior value for our clients.

Patrick Law

VP of Client Operations for Card Services, Fiserv

Make 1,800 miles feel like 18 inches.

Cultivate stakeholder feedback at scale to empower employee growth, develop a thriving culture, improve client outcomes, and drive performance on key metrics.


Imagine seeing input from employees, leadership, clients, vendors, and more—all in one place, or giving your employees an opportunity to learn from the people they interact with on a daily basis. Our proprietary technology solution cultivates real-time feedback from the stakeholders that matter most to your organization. We tailor the platform to your needs, collecting feedback on your performance indicators, goals, and values—and we share that feedback as needed.


With your feedback data, we evaluate organizational sentiment to identify opportunities for improvement, and we partner with you to develop new solutions, redesign processes, and train your teams.

Employee Growth Client Relationships Call Center Optimization Culture Alignment

Empower employee growth and development with real-time feedback.

  • Cultivate a positive, growth-focused feedback culture with our Strategic Communications.
  • Align feedback with your specific goals and metrics.
  • Give employees access to real-time input from peers, managers, and clients.
  • Empower employees to take ownership of their own growth and development.
  • Evaluate collective strengths and weaknesses with Advanced Analytics that reports on trends visible in aggregate feedback.
  • Support employees with customized Leadership Development and Education.

Build lasting client relationships by taking action on real-time client feedback.

  • Receive targeted, specific feedback that’s not often provided through surveys.
  • Ensure clients feel valued by collecting and responding to their needs, in real-time.
  • Route feedback to specific employees for training and development.
  • Reimagine workflows to better support client needs with help from our Strategy and Change Management.
  • Evaluate client sentiment over time to monitor progress and identify areas for continued improvement, using Advanced Analytics.

Improve call center performance and efficiency.

  • Provide call center employees with real-time feedback on customer service.
  • Share feedback from peers, managers, and clients to provide employees with a 360° view of their performance.
  • Offer coaching, support, and training resources to help call center employees improve.
  • Monitor individual and team performance over time to identify areas for continued growth.

Align multiple locations, teams, and organizations on shared mission, goals, and values.

  • Cultivate feedback from thousands of stakeholders in a single solution.
  • Equip executives and leaders with visibility into employee sentiment at various levels, across the organization.
  • Gauge employee sentiment at various levels of the organization.
  • Respond to employees with well-crafted, informed Strategic Communication.
  • Identify opportunities for tailored Leadership Development and Training.