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This is the business leader’s x-ray. Using aggregated behavioral-based feedback from our employees on patient throughput, data collected shed light into our organization’s clinical operations.

Dr. Gordon Morewood

Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology and Anesthesiologist-in-Chief, Temple University Health System


We offer integrated solutions to optimize your healthcare operations an improve patient experience.

We partner with you to customize the right solution for your organization. We can help you optimize existing assets, improve compliance, enhance workflows and processes to realize cost-savings, generate new forms of revenue, and improve patient experience.

Infection Control & Contact Tracing Remote Patient Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Patient Experience Operating Room Efficiency

Protect your staff and patients with a Smart infection control solution.

  • Identify when environments are at high risk for HAI.
  • Trace an individual's interactions with other people, equipment, and places
  • Diagnose problems that increase risk factors, using real-time feedback from staff.
  • Use our platform's real-time alerts to take immediate action to mitigate spread of infection.
1 This patient was the first to have an infection in Room 108B. 2 The cleaning and disinfection process must be a priority. Let’s collect feedback from the team on how to improve it. 3 This cart moved from Room 108B with an infected patient. Has it been disinfected? 4 There are issues around disinfection. People return devices assuming they’ve been disinfected, when they haven’t. 5 Predictive analytics dashboard highlights an increasing risk for HAIs and prevents infection. Equipment disinfection is required in Room 231A. 6 Remind Bob about proper hand hygiene practices. 7 This sanitation station needs to be refilled.

Provide excellent remote care with real-time, remote patient monitoring.

  • Monitor and capture ECG, pulse, SpO2, blood pressure, and temperature via any wearable or smart medical device.
  • Receive alerts with patient vitals deviate from established baselines.
  • Connect with patients by inviting their real-time input on symptoms.
  • Generate new revenue with recently approved CPT Codes for home health and telemedicine.
1 Using Thinäer’s CheckMe Pro BLE device, this patient is monitoring her vitals at home. 2 A member of the patient’s care team receives an alert to check her information, and he views them in a real-time dashboard. 3 Another member of the patient’s care team uses the Individual Feedback feature to communicate with the patient. 4 The patient responds to her care team to explain her symptoms and discuss care.

Protect your assets with our environmental and temperature monitoring solution.

  • Set-up and monitor isolation rooms and adhere to JACHO’s standards.
  • Continuously monitor temperature, humidity, and air pressure with real-time monitoring to ensure compliance with JACHO standards.
  • Assess air ventilation by tracking air changes per hour, location of the inlet/outlet, and physical configuration of the space.
  • Receive early alerts when conditions trend out of compliance.
1 This BLE device precisely monitors humidity, temperature, airflow, and air pressure. 2 Hospital staff receives an alert when conditions trend out of JCAHO compliance. 3 This hospital staff member responds to an alert and adjusts environmental conditions to ensure compliance.

Improve the patient experience with real-time patient feedback.

  • Receive detailed real-time patient input as they experience your organization.
  • Identify challenges that negatively impact the patient experience.
  • Learn what patients appreciate about their experience with your organization.
  • Leverage insights to improve processes, develop staff training, and enhance the overall experience for your patients.
1 After opting into the patient feedback experience, this patient uses the Entity Feedback feature to provide feedback on the check-in process. 2 This patient providesfeedback on her experience in the waiting room. 3 This patient provides experience on interactions with clinical staff. 4 Following a visit, this patient provides feedback on the overall experience. 5 This healthcare leader reviews the analytics reports and partners with Thinäer to identify opportunities for patient experience improvement.

Optimize OR turnover times to increase patient throughout

  • Analyze your current OR turnover times and map delays to specific processes or assets.
  • Easily locate your assets, equipment, and people.
  • Identify process issues and other roadblocks through real-time staff feedback.
  • Facilitate enhanced communication through the OR turnover process to increase efficiency.
  • Enhance patient experience with patient feedback.