Thinaer for Manufacturing

Improve manufacturing performance with a platform that integrates IoT data and real-time feedback.


This is the business leader’s x-ray. Using aggregated behavioral-based feedback from our employees on patient throughput, data collected shed light into our organization’s clinical operations.

Dr. Gordon Morewood

Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology and Anesthesiologist-in-Chief, Temple University Health System


Where could a dynamic, 360° view of your operations take your business?

We offer solutions to help you optimize workflows, reduce costs, improve safety & compliance, and streamline inventory management. Our technology platform integrates a landscape of IoT devices—sensors, wearables, and beacons—with real-time feedback from your stakeholders to present an unprecedented 360° view of your operation. We partner with you to analyze the collected data and use it to transform your operations.

Predictive Repairing Real-Time Locationing Process Optimization

Predict Maintenance Issues by Monitoring Vibration, Temperature, and Usage

  • Reduce asset downtime and increase asset life by using collected data to initiate preventative maintenance and repairs.
  • Reduce machine failures by quickly detecting operational anomalies.
  • Reduce the number of spare parts in stock by closely monitoring supply inventory.
  • Increase production time by minimizing asset downtime.
1 BLE devices monitorequipment, machines, and other assets in the facility. 2 This BLE device detectsan anomaly with this piece of equipment. 3 This BLE device detectsan anomaly with this piece of equipment. 4 The real-time dashboard displays data capture by the BLE devices, triggering alerts when issues are present. 5 This employee reviews the dashboard and takes action to address the issues.

Track critical assets in real-time.

  • Quickly and easily locate machinery, supplies, and inventory throughout your facility.
  • Enhance asset utilization by identifying how assets are used throughout the day.
  • Maximize productivity by evaluating usage of moveable equipment, supplies, and inventory throughout your facility.
  • Optimize workflows by developing a 360° view of your operations and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Enhance asset utilization by mapping how assets are used throughout the day
  • Remove tracking burden from employees with real-time locationing
1 This employee is trying tolocate supplies located throughout the facility. 2 This BLE device detectsthat materials are located onthe forklift. 3 This BLE device detects that materials have been misplaced. 4 The dashboard shows the real-time location of the materials, helping the employee easily and accurately locate necessary items.

Optimize business processes with a 360° view of your operations.

  • Identify barriers and roadblocks that negatively impact employee productivity.
  • Source and act on process improvement recommendations via employee feedback.
  • Design and implement process improvement plans tailored to your operations.
  • Manage process changes with impactful communication and stakeholder engagement.
1 This employee uses Entity Feedback to identify aprocess inefficiency. 2 This employee uses Entity Feedback to share an improvement idea. 3 This employee uses Individual Feedback to provide constructive feedback to another employee. 4 The real-time dashboard displays Entity Feedback to provide management with a 360-degree view of the process. 5 This manager reviews the dashboard and Thinäer’s analytics reports to inform process change. 6 This employee receives a communication on the process improvement change. Thinaer supports process improvement with change management and strategic communications.