Katie Nunez

Head of Product + Marketing

Living at the intersection of product, marketing and customer satisfaction

Katie is a strategic B2B product marketer and content strategist with a flair for the dramatic. She’s passionate about the Internet of Things, digital storytelling, innovative approaches and putting an end to the serial comma. She’s also an agile evangelist with a knack for identifying bottlenecks, streamlining processes and optimizing production.

A founding member of the Zebra Technologies IoT Platform (Zatar), Katie led product marketing for the platform applications team, with specific focus on developer relations, demand generation, brand awareness, thought leadership and engagement of high value users and partners. Before that, she led the customer facing platform applications team in building cloud solutions for supply chain, transportation and logistics, healthcare and retail/omnichannel industries.

While at Narrative Science, she led product marketing for the integrated narratives and platform applications team, with specific focus on adoption and engagement of high value channel partners. During her tenure, she led the GTM strategy for the first-ever integrated narratives for BI platforms, Narratives for Qlik.

Currently, Katie is focused on building the THINaër brand and driving new value across key verticals, like healthcare and manufacturing.

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