Core Platform

A platform built for agility and flexibility.


BLE Devices

We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to capture highly accurate, real-time data.

  • Gateways can be connected over wired, wireless, or cellular networks.

  • There is a broad landscape of BLE data-capturing devices to include beacons, sensors, and wearables. We’ll partner with you to spec the devices that best suit your needs.

  • We can work with BLE devices that you already own or source them for you.

  • BLE beacons do not interfere with other radio networks or sensitive devices, such as those used in healthcare.


SaaS Feedback Technology

We help you collect real-time feedback on people, processes, systems, and projects.

  • We offer a user-friendly mobile app and desktop interface, making it easy for your key stakeholders to provide feedback.

  • Our technology provides you with configurable privacy settings to ensure that sensitive feedback remains private among those involved.

  • You can customize the content to align with your organization’s needs.

  • Our feedback technology is “always-on” giving your users the opportunity to give feedback when it’s most relevant.

  • We offer a secure, easy-to-integrate user authentication.


Real-Time Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard provides you with an immediate look at your organization.

  • Our dashboard displays data collected through our platform, showing real-time status of assets connected through the BLE platform.

  • Users are notified when conditions trend out of compliance or other issues are detected through the BLE platform.

  • Our feedback dashboard displays feedback metrics and platform activity, so that you can take action accordingly.



Our technology allows fast and efficient data integration.

  • Our platform is API-centric, and our team has the ability to integrate with multiple systems.

  • Our BLE gateways can integrate any BLE device, so that we can use equipment that you already have.



We are dedicated to the privacy and security of our clients.

  • Our BLE devices can be used without risk, making them safe for highly classified or sensitive environments such as hospitals, government entities, and private organizations.

  • Our BLE devices and gateways do not store private information.

  • Our Data Transmission Security Standards policy specifies that all data transmission to or from any of the API or device interfaces of the system are encrypted using SSL/TLS.

  • Read more on our Privacy Policy here.