SaaS Feedback Technology

Generate ideas, identify improvement opportunities, and empower growth with our real-time feedback technology.


Activity Tracking

Our Activity Tracking feature uses IoT wearables to support employee health and safety throughout your facility.

  • Implement contact tracing and physical distancing solutions.

  • Remind your team to follow proper safety protocols.

  • Ensure compliance with operating procedures.

  • Link IoT wearables to machine sensors and track equipment use with our Asset Tracking feature.


B2B Client Feedback

Our B2B Client Feedback feature provides clients with an always-on, direct voice into your operations.

  • Build stronger client relationships by responding to client concerns quickly.

  • Understand what clients love most about working with you.

  • Receive specific, detailed input on what you can improve.

  • Identify client sentiment and longitudinal trends with Advanced Analytics.

  • Deliver targeted employee training with help from our Leadership Development and Education team.


Workflow & Process Feedback

Collects feedback on workflows, processes, systems, and projects.

  • Improve operations and workflows by gathering input.

  • Identify bottlenecks and challenges that negatively impact efficiency.

  • Source new ideas from the people who matter most to your organization.

  • Implement Asset Tracking and Asset Optimization to get a 360° view of your operations.

  • Design and implement lasting change with support from our Strategy and Change Management team.


Knowledge Capture

Our Knowledge Capture feature gives employees a safe, easy, and secure platform for exchanging growth-focused feedback.

  • Build a positive feedback culture that helps employees grow.

  • Provide employees with specific, detailed input.

  • Develop a growth mindset at your organization.

  • Correlate individual performance to positive business outcomes with our Advanced Analytics.

  • Partner with our Leadership Development and Education team to provide targeted employee training.


Stage-Gate Feedback

Our Stage-Gate Feedback feature manages your innovation funnel.

  • Ensure alignment among all project team members.

  • Capture project risks and feedback by giving everyone an equal voice.

  • Identify stage-specific challenges with our Advanced Analytics.

  • Design innovation funnel improvements with support from our Strategy and Change Management team.