Leading-Edge IoT Technology

Improve workflows, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs with our IoT platform features.


How Our IoT Platform Works


Asset Tracking

Our Real-Time Location feature quickly locates your machinery, equipment, and supplies.

  • Pinpoint asset location by floor, zone, and room

  • Access real-time and historical location data

  • Evaluate who utilizes your assets by integrating our Activity Tracking feature

  • Improve workflows and process efficiency with help from our Advanced Analytics team

  • Reduce bottlenecks by collecting feedback from your employees with our Entity Feedback feature


Asset Optimization

Our Asset Monitoring feature collects up to 3200 data points per second to tell you exactly what’s happening with your most important assets.

  • Reduce asset downtime by quickly detecting anomalies and initiating repairs

  • Extend asset life with continual performance monitoring

  • Improve asset utilization with real-time and historical data on how assets are used throughout your organization

  • Monitor inventory by tracking real-time usage of raw materials

  • Improve supply management by integrating Entity Feedback and Advanced Analytics


Environmental Monitoring

Our Environmental Monitoring feature continuously monitors environmental conditions to ensure that your organization meets compliance and quality standards.

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, ventilation, filtration, and moisture content

  • Receive immediate alerts when an environment trends out of compliance

  • Utilize real-time and historical environmental data for reporting and analysis