Leading-Edge IoT Technology

Improve workflows, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs with our IoT platform features.


How Our IoT Platform Works


Asset Tracking

Our Real-Time Location System quickly locates your machinery, equipment, and supplies.

  • Using advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware, we capture real-time location data to pinpoint asset location by floor, zone, and room.

  • Access real-time and historical location data

  • Evaluate who utilizes your assets by integrating our Activity Tracking feature

  • Improve workflows and process efficiency with help from our Advanced Analytics team

  • Reduce bottlenecks by collecting feedback from your employees with our Entity Feedback feature


Asset Optimization

Our Asset Monitoring feature tells you exactly what’s happening with your most important assets.

  • Reduce asset downtime by quickly detecting anomalies and initiating repairs

  • Extend asset life with continual performance monitoring

  • Improve asset utilization with real-time and historical data on how assets are used throughout your organization

  • Monitor inventory by tracking real-time usage of raw materials

  • Improve supply management by integrating Entity Feedback and Advanced Analytics


Environmental Monitoring

Our Environmental Monitoring feature continuously monitors environmental conditions to ensure that your organization meets compliance and quality standards.

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, ventilation, filtration, and moisture content

  • Receive immediate alerts when an environment trends out of compliance

  • Utilize real-time and historical environmental data for reporting and analysis