Environmental Monitoring

Protect Your Business and Bottom Line from Environmental Risks

Use Thinaer’s Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

Use Thinaer Environmental Monitoring to enable real-time asset monitoring and alerts, so any product condition issues can be addressed quickly, improving safety and reducing the risk of damage.

Thinaer is the seamlessly integrated platform for creating a digital twin of your operations at any scale. Immediately improve your bottom line, maximize productivity and deploy digital transformation out-of-the-box.

A Platform with Bottom Line Impacting Insights

Track asset environmental conditions across a facility

Stay on top of real-time asset conditions and monitor trends across Thinaer’s suite of environmental KPIs to prevent waste of raw materials.

Receive immediate alerts of out-of-range conditions

Reduce the risk of product damage using Thinaer’s IoT alerts engine. Get notified in the case of abnormal environmental conditions.

Make better decisions with better data and Thinaer’s interactive charting library. Use it to plot, normalize, and share environmental KPI trends.

Why Thinaer

Fortune 500 organization’s choose Thinaer because it’s…

  • Creating smarter operations. Get real-time notifications using the IoT Smart Alerts engine.
  • Mobile Friendly. Associates can manage assets and configure tech with our mobile app.
  • Modern and easy to use. Interact with data and derive actionable insights with a simple dashboard design.
  • Easy to scale. Designed for small pilots and powerful enough for large enterprise deployments.

Immediate ROI with Thinaer

Precision environmental monitoring reduces waste by 9%

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