Manufacturing Ideation Workshop

Jumpstart your digital transformation initiative with our team of experts.

Complimentary Workshop to Ideate Your IoT Solution Together!

Take the first step toward optimizing your manufacturing operations with our exclusive Manufacturing Ideation Workshop, curated to help manufacturing enterprises just like yours. We have a proven track record of pinpointing root causes, no matter how small or hidden, and implementing comprehensive solutions to achieve significant business outcomes.

At the end of our collaborative session*, you’ll walk away with a Thinaer Roadmap to ROI, which includes:

  • Identification of key operational issues and opportunities to be addressed with an industrial IoT and Human Feedback solution
  • Prioritized Manufacturing Use Cases that will best mitigate persistent operational challenges
  • Assessment of risks and expected impact to productivity and ROI
  • Comprehensive Solution Map to share with your team

*A typical workshop lasts 2 hours, although our team will accommodate a time frame that fits your team’s needs.

Manufacturing Ideation Workshop Request

Are you experiencing delays caused by unscheduled equipment downtime? Or wasting hours in lost productivity locating misplaced assets? We’d love to hear about your operational challenges so we can help you find the right IoT solution.

Tell us what’s going on and we’ll set up a complimentary workshop to start ideating with you!

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