Machine Utilization

Maximize Your Machine Efficiency and Boost Productivity

Monitor Real-Time Machine Utilization

Use Thinaer Machine Utilization Monitoring to manage and visualize equipment performance metrics in a single graph, normalize the data, declare successful runs and compare ongoing runs.

Thinaer is the seamlessly integrated platform for creating a digital twin of your operations at any scale. Immediately improve your bottom line, maximize productivity and deploy digital transformation through the Internet of Everything Everywhere.

A Platform with Bottom Line Impacting Insights

Track Usage and Capacity of Key Equipment

Monitor and collect machine usage data to derive insights into the status of a machine making your equipment more productive.

Monitor 40+ KPIs for better performance measuring

Optimize equipment performance by tracking 40+ KPIs that factor in real-time conditions like vibration, voltage, temperature and more.

Make Each Smart Machine Even Smarter

Create a digital twin of your equipment by linking multiple sensors to easily monitor and compare machine runs across your enterprise.

Why Thinaer

Fortune 500 organization’s choose Thinaer because it’s…

  • Internet of Everything Everywhere. Ready to be deployed and used by anyone at any scale.
  • Mobile Friendly. Associates can manage assets and configure tech with our mobile app.
  • Improving the bottom line. Provides cost saves and adding productivity to maximize bottom line impact.
  • Easy to scale. Designed for small pilots and powerful enough for large enterprise deployments.

Immediate ROI with Thinaer

Proactive machine utilization monitoring reduces equipment downtime by 15%

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