Make your smart machines multifaceted with Thinaer Enabled

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Smart Sensors with Thinaer Enabled

Transform Your Data Management and Increase Efficiency Today

Seamlessly Integrate with Thinaer’s Powerful Platform

Thinaer Enabled turns your smart machines into insight driving hubs. Integrate with Thinaer and take advantage of a world class Industrial IoT platform for machines. Manage and visualize equipment performance metrics in a single graph, normalize the data, declare successful runs and compare ongoing runs.

Thinaer is the seamlessly integrated platform for creating a digital twin of your operations at any scale. Immediately improve your bottom line, maximize productivity and deploy digital transformation through the Internet of Everything Everywhere.

A Platform with Bottom Line Impacting Insights

Contextualize machine data in a unified platform

Take control of your data! Make data from your machines available and contextualize insights with Sonar’s 40+ KPIs.

Create a Thinaer Digital Twin of your equipment

Visualize everything in a single graph, normalize the data, declare successful machine runs and compare ongoing runs. This is the Thinaer Digital Twin!

Get notified when abnormal conditions occur

Uncover better insights on your equipment using Thinaer’s IoT alerts engine. Get notified when there is abnormal equipment conditions.

How it works

Obtain new, world class insights using Thinaer Enabled in just a few steps.

  1. Compare data points: Confirm data points collected through the smart machine match up with Thinaer’s 40+ KPIs.
  2. Make data available: Make equipment performance data available through an API or other cloud integration source.
  3. Write the integration: Write a light integration to successfully stream data to Thinaer. Support documentation is provided for seamless integration.
  4. Start using Sonar: Get Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE) insights on your machine in a centralized Industrial IoT platform for machines.
Collecting these data points? Use Thinaer’s platform to obtain insights!

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