Digital Twin Starter Kit

Everything you need to start building a digital twin of your operations.

Features & Use Cases
  • Real-time asset location for a room up to 1,200 sq ft
  • Environmental monitoring (Ambient temperature, Humidity)
  • Equipment utilization
  • Run comparison & data normalization
  • Movement and range-based alerts
  • 6 months of Thinaer platform services
  • 6 Thinaer gateways
  • 2 E7 beacons (location, vibration, general movement, and ambient temperature)
  • 4 S1 beacons (location, temperature, and humidity)
  • 4 E8 beacons (location, ambient temperature, and movement)
  • 3M adhesives for mounting devices
  • Access to the Thinaer starter kit support center (with a quick start video series) and email support
  • $4,900 + Shipping
  • Quarterly SaaS fee after 6 months: $540/Qtr
Additional Information
  • Weight ~7lbs
  • Dimensions ~14″ x 14″ x 5″

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