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We’re excited to announce the first-ever Blockchain app built by Group50™ and powered by THINaër. This solution, is the first step toward enabling smart supply chain with data that is secure, immutable and traceable.

The Blockchain serves to provide secure, immutable data across the entire chain of custody. Group50™ Consulting specializes in workflow assessments and process improvements and has industry expertise in healthcare, manufacturing and other industries. Their Blockchain app is called Scioebc and is slated to change the way the IoT and Blockchain combine to bring new value.

“By 2020 there will be over 31 billion connected IoT devices around the globe. Most of those devices will be generating data from the field, during transportation, in factories, warehouses and retail locations. – Bryan Merckling, CEO, THINaër

Imagine a world where all that data coming from all those devices could be tracked back to the source and used to power root cause analysis. Now imagine all of the data was reliable, timestamped and unable to be compromised.

Scioebc utilizes the Hyperledger for its Blockchain and is integrated with THINaër providing the ability to tie together enterprise systems and any type of sensory data that is generated anywhere in the supply chain. This breakthrough, plug-n-play product allows us to begin creating standards in the industry for the adoption of Blockchain as the next generation supply chain tool that is capable of documenting the chain of custody and provenance of a product across its entire life cycle.” – Jim Gitney, CEO, Group50

The core of this Blockchain app powered by THINaër is backed by industry research and data that drives the direction. Take the Group50 Blockchain survey to participate in that ongoing research.

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