Transform Your Defense Operations with Thinaer

Secure, Scalable, and Affordable IIoT for the Defense Industry

IIoT Solutions Made for DoD Manufacturers. All Out of the Box.

Smart Solutions Bring Better Operations

Real-time asset tracking

Maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with advanced asset tracking and monitoring.

Environmental monitoring

Keep your operations safe and compliant with accurate, real-time environmental data.

Machine utilization

Optimize your machines and equipment with powerful IoT analytics and insights.

Creating a Factory of the Future for a Fortune 100 DoD Manufacturer


Processes became outdated over time with little adoption of new tech.

Human error prone quality control methods led to increased inventory costs.

Little-to-no visibility into production process increased production of scrap parts and sunk costs.

Solution – Thinaer Enterprise IIoT

Deployed incremental pilot’s with Thinaer to accurately demonstrate ROI.

Implemented various IIoT solutions such as: real time asset tracking, machine health & utilization tracking, and environmental monitoring.

Integrated Thinaer’s platform with existing ERP and MES systems to begin modeling millions of data points.


$30 Million in total ROI.

3X productivity after scaling to 3 business divisions.

$1.8 Million/year in productivity by eliminating need to search for lost assets.


8 Actionable Tips for Leveraging IIoT in the Defense Industry

The Defense (DoD) industry is a rapidly evolving sector that demands innovative solutions to stay ahead of emerging threats and challenges. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way defense operations are managed, offering increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and enhanced security. In this guide, we will share 8 actionable tips for leveraging IIoT in the Defense industry.

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