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Ensure Joint Commission environmental condition compliance and prevent non-compliance fines and shutdowns

An independent county hospital and acute care facility provides patient-focused and state-of-the-art care and treatment.


An independent county hospital was looking for ways to ensure Joint Commission compliance by ensuring critical locations remain within established temperature and humidity ranges. Traditional methods of monitoring temperature and humidity data often include burdensome, manual processes that inevitably allow for human error.

Daily, continuous and random temperature and humidity logging requirements make it difficult for hospitals to ensure accuracy and compliance. This inability to ensure accuracy places hospitals in position to receive costly non-compliance fines and lose revenue during mandatory shutdowns of non-compliant rooms.


The hospital used THINaër’s platform and easy Environmental Condition Tracking solution to gain a comprehensive view of critical locations and real-time temperature and humidity information. The solution includes industrial beacons capable of emitting temperature and humidity information, enterprise-grade gateways capable of capturing beacon information and Sonar, a web-based dashboard that displays real-time information about critical locations.

To gain real-time insights into the condition of critical locations, the hospital placed industrial beacons throughout a number of critical invasive procedure rooms. From surgical suites to sterile supply storage, the hospital outfitted each and every critical location, transforming them into smart locations capable of providing real-time environmental condition information. To capture that information, enterprise-grade gateways were placed throughout the critical invasive procedure rooms to capture real-time temperature and humidity details. But how does that translate to real-time data that drives down annual cost?

Built on a flexible but robust platform, Sonar is the web-based dashboard that captures and displays real-time information that helps prevent downtime, monitors for fluctuation and out-of-range readings, and notifies key personnel of potentially critical situations. Developed on a flexible API, the THINaër platform is built to easily integrate with existing systems, making it easy to automate responses to critical situations before they occur.


Over the course of the pilot, the hospital learned that they could prevent the shutdown of critical surgery suites by simply knowing about real-time temperature and humidity fluctuations and responding to them. Preventing even a single operating room from being shut down for a single day could mean savings of $90 thousand.

How much money are your invasive procedure rooms costing you each year?

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Key Takeaways


  • an independent acute care facility


  • healthcare


  • healthcare facility wanted to ensure Joint Commission compliance, prevent costly environmental condition fines and save on costly shutdowns

Solution components

  • THINaër platform
  • Bluetooth/BLE beacons
  • Enterprise-grade gateway
  • Sonar dashboard
  • THINaër implementation services


  • Estimated savings of $90 thousand per OR per day



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