Automate Inventory Management

Automated Inventory Management Re-directs 30 FTEs per Year Toward Improved Productivity

Challenge: Labor-Intensive Cycle Counts

Manufacturing companies typically use labor-intensive cycle counts for inventory management. These manual processes often introduce inaccuracies in the form of misclassified inventory or inconsistent processes. Although cycle counting can prevent a complete manufacturing shutdown, it often fails to mitigate other costly manufacturing disruptions. 


  • Wasted time looking for assets
  • Manufacturing shutdowns, bottlenecks
  • Labor shortages
  • Scaling solutions to entire operation

Solution: Automated Inventory Management

The Thinaer platform tracks exact counts and asset locations in real-time. By transmitting live data through Bluetooth low energy (BLE) passive stickers, cellular beacons, and Wi-Fi gateways, the platform generates artificial intelligence (AI)-powered diagnostic analytics, and a dashboard provides operational data and reports accessible from any device. 

Thinaer IoT sensors can be deployed and linked across multiple locations with round-the-clock monitoring that provides on-demand information without additional cost or disruption. 

Outcome: Initial Increased Productivity During Pilot Tripled After Scaling to 3 Divisions

Manufacturing companies immediately relieve labor pressures in a difficult hiring market after implementing Thinaer AI-backed automated inventory management. At the same time, they realize significant gains in productivity: Employees find inventory faster, eliminate or minimize warehouse inventory shutdowns, and reduce downtime thanks to more predictable inventory availability. 

Technology only works if people use it. To ensure that happens, the Thinaer platform incorporates real-time employee feedback so that operations are optimized without paralyzing critical workflows. This consultative change management methodology boosts employee adoption while speeding deployment across an organization.