Locate Misplaced Assets

Fewer Misplaced Assets Adds $3M Annual ROI Due to Productivity Gains

Challenge: Workflow Disruption and Inventory Churn

Lost manufacturing assets drain time from schedules when employees spend time searching and sometimes needlessly reordering missing items. Some materials with environmental sensitivities or contract-based location restrictions pose a bigger problem if misplaced. These disruptions to workflows and loss in productivity quickly lead to higher costs and reduced morale.


  • Lost time searching for lost assets
  • Re-purchasing lost assets before they are found
  • Repositioning assets that are inappropriately in or out of restricted areas
  • Keeping sensitive material assets stored safely

Solution: Real-Time Asset Tracking and Misplaced Asset Indicators

Tagging all manufacturing assets with tiny industrial IoT sensors enables continuous tracking of asset location and movement. The Thinaer platform can scale to link hundreds of thousands of these sensors to track assets across multiple facilities.

Assets can be located instantly at any time by using the Thinaer analytics dashboard on any device or by seamlessly integrating Thinaer analytics into in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Custom alerts notify managers when assets are moved outside designated or restricted areas.

Thinaer employee feedback technology adds essential context and qualitative assessment to enhance asset tracking further.

Outcome: Aerospace Manufacturer Adds 1.8M/year in Productivity while Lowering Costs by Quickly Locating Assets

Manufacturing companies see productivity gains resulting in a $3M annual ROI due to fewer or no misplaced assets after implementing Thinaer AI-powered automated asset tracking. Operational disruptions are minimized by finding missing assets much sooner, and redeploying 85% of asset management staff to more productive tasks.

Tracking asset location and movement matters because it shrinks production timelines and helps keep projects within budget by eliminating time wasted searching for lost or misplaced assets.

In addition, real-time feedback informs root cause analysis and prevents issues recurrence when employees use the Thinaer human feedback technology.