Protect Raw Materials

Precision Monitoring of Material Properties Reduces Waste by 9%

Challenge: Degraded and Expired Raw Materials

Essential raw materials used in labor- and technology-intensive manufacturing processes are often susceptible to degradation or spoilage. Manually monitoring relevant environmental and material conditions is costly and difficult. Manufacturing processes can be slowed or halted when sensitive materials degrade or fracture, and product quality can be compromised. To mitigate these challenges, excess inventory is ordered which further increases costs.


  • Degraded product quality due to expired raw materials
  • Manufacturing bottlenecks due to damaged raw materials
  • Time-intensive manual monitoring of stored raw materials

Solution: Real-Time Monitoring of Material Properties and Environmental Factors

Placing Thinaer IoT sensors on sensitive raw material containers enables real-time monitoring of environmental factors. The sensors continuously track characteristics such as material age, location, temperature, humidity, and vibration. Cellular beacons transmit that live data to feed Thinaer artificial intelligence (AI)-powered diagnostic analytics.

The Thinaer platform also incorporates real-time human feedback, which provides qualitative information and context to assist in troubleshooting issues. In addition, the dashboard pushes notifications and alerts for real-time issue prevention and mitigation. Management optimizes workflow processes and generates reports using the Thinaer dashboard that is accessible from anywhere on any device.

Outcome: Manufacturer Reduced Rework Costs by 6% by Implementing Automated Material Monitoring

Manufacturing companies measurably reduce production waste after implementing Thinaer’s AI-backed materials monitoring. They utilize inventory within prescribed storage times and conditions, eliminating costly re-ordering of materials. Thinaer platform deployment improves manufacturing output volume and streamlines manufacturing processes by preventing rework due to material failure. Manufacturers further reduce waste by using the Thinaer platform to capture employee feedback and input to optimize workflows across the enterprise.