Thinaer for Supply Chain Performance

Elevate supply chain performance with 360° digital transformation.

Gain immediate visibility into your full supply chain.

With Thinaer’s Supply Chain Performance platform, track your inventory and products throughout the supply chain. From the moment a shipment leaves the warehouse, all the way to its final destination, our solution monitors location, vibration, environmental conditions, and more. Receive real-time updates on arrivals, delays, and delivery confirmation. 

Our AI-powered analytics leverages data to map optimal shipping routes, identify issues that cause delays or damage, and predict delivery times - giving you the 360-degree insight you need to make planning decisions.


Immediately pinpoint product location across the entire supply-chain.


Track anticipated arrivals, delays, and other issues. Send real-time notifications to provide stakeholders with tracking updates.


Monitor storage conditions of high value materials and goods.


Optimize routes, identify & correct supply chain issues, and streamline operations with our AI-powered data models.

Supply Chain Visibility & Condition Performance

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