Worker Safety Solution

-THINaër IoT use case-

Real-Time Monitoring

Locate workers in real-time, any time.


Alerts & Notifications

Empower workers to call for help or notify of man down.

People, Places & Things

Uncover trends and insights about workers and their environments.

Ensure worker safety by knowing where your workers are and giving them the ability to call for help or be located in emergencies.

An international metal manufacturer sets new standard in worker safety by putting the power to call for help into workers hands.


An international metal manufacturer was looking for ways to ensure worker safety across facilities. In critical times of emergencies, safety workers have a hard time locating plant workers due to the sheer size of the facilities.

Traditional manufacturing environments make it difficult to track workers due to scale, impeding material and harsh environments. In turn, employers find it difficult to ensure worker safety because they lack ability to direct safety workers to their crew members in times of emergency.


The international manufacturer used THINaër’s platform and easy Worker Tracking solution to gain a real-time view of all workers throughout the entire facility. The solution includes industrial badge beacons capable of emitting proximity information, industrial distress buttons capable of emitting emergency signals, enterprise-grade gateways capable of capturing beacon information and Sonar, a web-based dashboard that displays real-time information about critical assets.

To gain real-time insights into their workers, the facility management and THINaër implementation services teams provided each worker with an industrial badge beacon and industrial distress button. Every worker in the facility was tagged and entered into a dashboard system so they could easily be located and aided in critical situations or emergencies. To capture worker location information, enterprise-grade gateways were placed throughout the facility to capture movement details about the workers and any distress signals. But how does that translate to real-time data that keeps people safe in times of need?

Built on a flexible but robust platform, Sonar is the web-based dashboard that displays captured location information in a human-readable format that anyone can use to understand where workers are, how they’re doing and if they’re in need of assistance.


The moment the solution is deployed, the facility is immediately safer. Workers whose locations were previously unknown are instantly capable of being located from virtually anywhere. What’s more is those workers now have the ability to call for help no matter where they are, even if they don’t have a 2-way communication device on their person. And that’s just another way THINaër brings value to the manufacturing industry and keeps people safe no matter how dangerous their work.

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Key Takeaways


  • an international metal producer


  • manufacturing


  • manufacturer wanted to protect workers and help locate them in emergencies

Solution components

  • THINaër platform
  • Bluetooth/BLE beacons
  • Safety alert buttons
  • Enterprise-grade gateway
  • Sonar dashboard
  • THINaër implementation services


  • safety and management personnel now know worker location and condition


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