Transform your operations with a
360° digital transformation solution.

Thinaer's solution integrates machine-generated data, employee feedback, and AI-powered analytics to provide you with unprecedented operational data and actionable insight.

Thinaer's enterprise platform delivers digital transformation that scales.

Industrial Internet of Things Hardware
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices, BLE Passive Stickers, Cellular Beacons, WiFi Gateways

SONAR User Interface & Dashboard
Operations Data, Device Management, Alerts, & Notifications

Employee Feedback App
Real-time Employee Feedback, Knowledge Capture, Issue Resolution, Notifications

ML/AI Analytics
In-Platform Analytics, Machine Learning Models, Executive Reporting

Integrations & Security
API-Centric, Data Portability, High Security

Digital Transformation Consulting
User Adoption, Change Management, Learning & Development

Configure our flexible platform to address multiple use cases.

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Industrial Internet of Things

Thinaer's Industrial Internet of Things platform uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and an API-centric user interface to capture operations data. The platform tracks location, vibration, temperature, humidity, current draw, proximity, and more.

Thinaer RTLS

Employee Feedback App

Thinaer's patented feedback app embeds real-time feedback in your business processes. Use this application to gather input and insights from employees, clients, and other important stakeholders.


Our analytics integrates this employee input with IIoT data to help our clients understand what's hapening, why it's happening, and what to do about it.

Screen capture of app that collects employee on manufacturing operations

ML/AI Analytics

Thinaer's in-platform analytics dashboard provides immediate insight into operations. Our analytics utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence designed to help clients improve efficiency and save costs.

5 - Operations

Solve your biggest operations challenges with Thinaer's platform.