Monitor Assets. Transform Operations.

Track your assets, reduce equipment downtime, maximize productivity, and more.

More Data. Better Decisions.

IIoT insights all on one platform.

An Internet of Everything Everywhere platform improving your bottom line, operations, and decision-making.

Know what your assets are doing so you can make better decisions.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Know where your assets are and where they go. Within your facilities and across the globe.

  • Real Time Asset Mapping
  • Misplaced Asset Indicator
  • Movement Alerts System

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental factors to decrease waste and protect raw materials.

  • Smart IoT Alerts Engine
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Facility Visibility

Machine Utilization

Track equipment performance KPIs and reduce unscheduled machine downtime.

  • Health Usage and Maintenance Systems
  • Equipment Run Comparison
  • Conditional Alerting System

Thinaer Enabled

Connect your smart machines & devices to a unified platform for IIoT insights.

  • REST API Ingest Engine
  • ERP & MES Integrations
  • Data Processing Add-Ons


World-class implementation services and training.

  • Out of the box solutions and knowledge base with step-by-step tutorials
  • Single point of contact and responsive support throughout your engagement
  • Expert-led project management and installation services

Integrate ALL of your data sources.

Thinaer’s platform is hardware agnostic and API-driven allowing us to ingest data and integrate with endless sources.

Port data to and from other critical systems such as an ERP system.

Trusted partners to the world’s leading companies and some of the largest IoT deployments in the world

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