How the Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE) Can Enhance Aerospace Manufacturing

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By Michael Rivera, PhD

The aerospace industry is constantly evolving, and the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has provided new opportunities to manufacture next-generation aircraft. But the Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE) adds more to the mix. 

More data, more insights, and more improvements.

While IoT refers to the connection and data exchange between everyday objects and devices over the internet, IoEE takes it a step further by encompassing not only connected devices but also people and processes (everything), irrespective of their specific location (everywhere).

In essence, applying the concept of IoEE to aerospace manufacturing extends the benefits of IoT. This creates an interconnected ecosystem where people, processes, data, and things work seamlessly together to build more resilient, reliable, and efficient aircraft. 

There are far-reaching benefits to this.

Human-Machine Collaboration for Better Data Interpretation

In IoT, all communications are between devices, physical objects, sensors, or machines (machine-to-machine or M2M). However, the Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE) transcends this limitation by adding the human element to the equation.

Human involvement in IoEE within the aerospace sector significantly enhances the data ecosystem. While sensors and automated systems provide a wealth of information, humans add critical qualitative insights. Their observations, decision-making skills, and problem-solving abilities offer context and enrich the raw data. 

For instance, in safety-critical scenarios, human operators validate data, interpret it in real-world contexts, provide informed judgments, and ensure safe operations. 

This fosters a collaborative effort where data-driven insights coupled with technology-assisted people-to-people (P2P) interactions work in synergy to enhance the safety and efficiency of products.

Customization and Customer-Centric Approaches

Including people in the IoEE framework enables aerospace manufacturers to understand customer needs and preferences better. IoEE allows user-generated communications, interactions, and direct customer feedback, facilitating aircraft customization to meet specific requirements and market dynamics. 

This customer-centric approach enhances satisfaction and competitiveness.

Global Collaboration for Knowledge Sharing and Innovation

Because of the “everywhere” factor, IoEE allows data from vast sources. You already know that aerospace manufacturing often involves multiple sites and suppliers located worldwide. 

IoEE bridges these geographical gaps, connecting aerospace manufacturers, suppliers, and airlines worldwide through real-time data exchange, collaboration, and consistent processes across all manufacturing locations, whether it’s in the four walls of your “Factory of the Future,” or outside of it.

This global collaboration encourages knowledge sharing, research, and innovation, leading to the development of safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly aircraft. In essence, the collective intelligence harnessed through IoEE fuels industry progress.

Remote Monitoring

Since IoEE goes beyond the four walls of your facility, manufacturers can remotely monitor and troubleshoot aircraft systems and production processes by leveraging the power of Digital Twins

These digital replicas of physical assets give experts a real-time, in-depth view of the aircraft’s condition, performance, and manufacturing processes. This can be particularly valuable during maintenance and repair because experts can now diagnose issues and provide guidance anywhere in the world.

Transitioning to IoEE is Effortless

The “everywhere” and “everything” that IoEE adds to IoT makes it more scalable and flexible. That is, it can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure or legacy systems, whether within the confines of a manufacturing facility or outside. This adaptability allows aerospace manufacturers to transition to IoEE without significant disruption.

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