Introducing the new Thinaer!

Bringing together machine intelligence & human insight like never before!

We’re super excited to announce that Thinaer and the Leadership Analytics Group are joining forces, as a single company under the Thinaer brand. Our integrated company brings together machine intelligence and human insight like never before. We give clients an unprecedented, 360-degree view of their operations.

Our IoT platform uses BLE beacons to captures millions of data points per second to track location, vibration, temperature, humidity, proximity and more. They’re cost effective & easy to deploy.  And now, we can invite real-time, microfeedback from your employees, clients, and other stakeholders  — to understand how to improve processes, systems, and workflows. This gives you a true, 360-degree look at your operation.

With that business intelligence data, we identify opportunities for digital transformation, process improvement, and change. We provide advanced analytics, change management consulting, implementation planning, and leadership development —- offering unique-to-you recommendations that deliver results that matter.

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