Real-Life Applications of Digital Twin Technology

By Michael Rivera, PhD

Digital twin technology is one of the emerging technologies companies leverage to manage their products, services, and operations. Even though it is a new field, some companies are already using digital twin models to get things done efficiently. This blog will explore some popular examples or real-life applications of digital twins.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin represents an intended or actual real-world physical product, person, place, system, or process. The digital replica serves as the effectively indistinguishable digital version, which can be used for various purposes, like simulation studies, integration, monitoring, testing, maintenance, and marketing.

Real-Life Applications of Digital Twin Models

Digital twins are cutting-edge innovations that some brands use to improve operations and offers. Gaining insights into how digital twins are implemented will enable you to understand how your business can benefit from them.

1. Gucci Garden Experience

Gucci, a leading fashion company, launched The Gucci Garden Experience to sell virtual products. The fashion brand sold a virtual-only digital twin purse for a good price – higher than its physical counterpart.

2. Tesla Cars

The electric vehicle brand, Tesla, utilizes digital twin technology to improve reliability and customer service. Every Telsa car has a digital version or model, which is connected to the physical counterpart through sensors. The sensors on the physical Tesla send signals to the virtual version, enabling engineers to track the car’s performance in real life.

The digital twin technology enables the company to predict where faults and breakdowns are most likely to occur. This improves user experience & customer satisfaction and helps the company win customers’ hearts – leading to repeat business and recommendations.

3. The Whole of Shanghai

Shanghai, a city of about 26 million people, has a digital twin. The Shanghai Urban Operations and Management Center built a digital twin of the city, which models 100,000 elements from refuse management infrastructure to road traffic, e-bike charging facility, and location of apartment buildings.

The developer utilizes data from satellites and drones for various purposes, like designing a living model that helps the government respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and simulating the impacts of natural disasters to facilitate response planning.

4. Ford’s Car Models

This is an excellent example of digital twin technology in manufacturing. Ford creates seven digital twins for each model of vehicle it produces. Each virtual model covers or reflects a different aspect of production. The company uses digital twins to improve production facilities, manufacturing processes, and customer experience. 

In Ford’s production facilities, the digital twin tracks performance, detects energy losses and spots areas where energy can be better managed. In a nutshell, the company leverages this cutting-edge technology to improve performance.

Implementing the Digital Twin Technology

This is an emerging technology that requires high-end tech skills. You need the help of experts to integrate digital twins into your business. This is where Thinaer comes in!

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