A platform for aerospace organization’s to better understand their operations.

Improve Equipment Visibility

Unify equipment performance data KPIs in a single platform to better understand health & usage.

Automate Operations

Eliminate lost inventory, automate supply chain operations, and reduce raw material waste.

Increase Process Efficiency

Get your data where you need it by integrating Thinaer’s data with other existing systems.

The Thinaer Difference for Aerospace

Track tools, equipment and aircraft parts in real-time.

Know where your assets are in real time – from raw materials and aircraft parts to maintenance equipment – with Thinaer’s real time asset tracking platform.

Eliminate production bottlenecks by monitoring environmental factors.

Monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to reduce the risk of product damage and maintain effective production processes.

Better understand the usage of machinery and equipment.

Improve production efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase overall profitability by implementing a platform that tracks performance and alerts you when equipment is unhealthy.

Make your end-to-end process smarter by integrating data with Thinaer

Gain real-time insights into production processes, unify data sources, and improve equipment productivity using Thinaer Enabled.


8 Actionable Tips for Leveraging IIoT in the Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace industry is rapidly evolving, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is playing an increasingly important role in this transformation. What are the secrets to effectively deploying IIoT and generating ROI? Download this free guide with 8 actionable tips to help you successfully implement IIoT in your Aerospace operations.


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