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Cut costs, locate assets, optimize productivity, and enrich your systems. All on one Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE) platform.

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Internet of Everything Everywhere

Bottom Line Impacting Insights

Thinaer Real Time Asset Tracking

  • Get notified when an assets location changes.
  • Track all your assets in real time. From anywhere.
  • Highlight misplaced assets to streamline recovery.

Thinaer Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitor environmental KPIs in real time.
  • Receive Immediate Alerts of Out-of-Range Conditions.
  • Protect raw materials through the supply chain.

Thinaer Machine Utilization

  • Track machine performance metrics in real time.
  • Analyze equipment performance in an all-in-one platform.
  • Make each smart machine even smarter.

Thinaer Enabled

  • Send your smart machine data to a unified platform.
  • Easily visualize all machine performance metrics.
  • Achieve preventative maintenance by comparing past machine runs to ongoing runs.

No More Costly Pilots – Get Started with a Kit.

Scale at Any Rate

Thinaer Digital Twin Starter Kits

  • Everything you need to start building a digital twin of your operations.
  • Low cost IIoT evaluation.
  • Three use cases in one Starter Kit.


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