Real Time Asset Tracking: 6 Ways BLE Beats RFID

Many organizations use IoT real time asset tracking platforms to pinpoint asset location within an indoor space. There’s a distinct advantage to using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices over RFID devices. In this post, we highlight 6 advantages that BLE holds over RFID.

1. Ability to get real-time location.

BLE sensors let you know exactly where your assets are at all times. While RFID readers can track location, its real-time capability is energy inefficient, constrained by its need for cellular connectivity and GPS

2. High read-range.

BLE sensors have a range of over 200 feet. BLE sensors continuously emit information to readers and can easily upload information to cloud-based devices, which allow you to easily keep all relevant personnel in the loop. RFID also has a high read-range, but it is far less intuitive for IoT integration and continuous asset tracking. 

3. Less power consumption.

While RFID tags work by using antennae and radio-frequency waves, BLE sensors communicate directly with each other and use much less energy. Since BLE beacons use such little power, they can operate for months and even years on one button cell battery. While cost effective for your company, this also means that BLE sensors are an ‘always on’ solution for your real-time asset tracking system.

4. Cost effective.

BLE is among the least expensive real-time asset tracking systems on the market. They require very little hardware and are easily integrated into daily operations using ubiquitous technology like wifi, smartphones, tablets, and hotspots. 

5. Ability to read beacons with your cell phone.

Most cell phones have bluetooth capabilities and work as bluetooth readers. Tablets, smartphones, and hotspot devices are all compatible with BLE. This saves hardware costs for your company and provides flexibility for real time asset tracking. In order to use RFID, specialized RFID readers are required. These readers are expensive, and they are more difficult to integrate into an existing infrastructure. 

6. It’s an evolving technology.

While BLE is still an emerging technology with many industries investing in development, RFID has improved as much as it can. Investing in BLE technology now means that your company can reap even more benefits down the line

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