Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Employee Experience

By Michael Rivera, PhD

For most companies, enhancing customer experience has been the primary end goal for digital transformation. Businesses want to differentiate themselves in the market using Machine Learning (ML) to gather and analyze data. IoT solutions then help use the data to improve product quality, provide personalized experiences, and build customer relationships.

For instance, Thinaer has helped organizations in healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods capture customer value at scale through IoT-focused digital transformation.

Yet, digital transformation has evolved beyond a customer-focused rationale. And there is now a new factor to consider– employee experience. 

This makes sense.

Employees are the driving force behind every digital transformation. So, it’s crucial that they have seamless access to the best technologies to perform their jobs well and accelerate the transformation.

Benefits of Improving Employee Experience Through IoT

Your employees’ pain points directly highlight areas where your business needs improvement. Providing the right technologies creates a reliable workplace ecosystem. Here are some benefits of improving the employee experience with the Internet of Things.

Attracting the Best Talents and Employee Retention

IoT solutions provide a smart workplace where everyone wants to work. The promise of ease during day-to-day activities and automating repetitive tasks can attract highly-qualified candidates who may ordinarily not consider your organization. You’re also more likely to retain your best employees under comfortable working conditions.

Faster time to Deploy and Market Products 

Companies can leverage IoT devices to remove physical barriers that hinder employee productivity, thereby optimizing workflows and speeding up production. In addition, way-finding technologies can help employees navigate unfamiliar facilities quickly. Remote teams can also collaborate seamlessly with on-site teams using cloud-based solutions, reducing the time required to deploy new products into the market. 

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Nowadays, employees prefer to work for eco-friendly companies. Sensors can reduce a company’s ecological footprint, such as optimizing energy consumption, while collaboration tools between teams decrease the frequency of business travel. This reduces the company’s overall transportation-related CO2 emissions. 

Thanks to innovative waste management solutions, Thinaer has helped companies reduce 9% of the amount of non-degradable materials that end up in landfills.

Augmented Reality and Digital Twins

Augmented reality can complement employee activities to increase productivity. Employees’ workflows become faster, smarter, and safer. By integrating IoT into augmented reality, businesses can gain valuable insights into their processes. This way, they can predict and adjust their business strategies and operational practices based on real-time data. 

In addition, companies can speed up the employee onboarding process through digital twins. A digital twin can provide relevant training to improve employee performance.

Reduced Workplace Hazard

Industrial IoT enhances workplace safety in several ways. IoT-enabled wearable devices can monitor personal health indicators such as temperature, heartbeat, and oxygen levels. This identifies employees showing signs of stress, strain, or fatigue so preventative measures can be taken.


Although customer experience is still vital in digital transformation, employee experience is now crucial. Thinaer is trusted by leading and emerging companies to provide innovative IoT-enabled sensors. Talk to us today to capture value from your customers and employees.