Employee Spotlight: Elaine Williams

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For the second rendition of our “employee spotlight” series, we caught up with Elaine Williams to learn more about her role and experience with Thinaer. Elaine has been at the company for over four years now (!) and serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships. Elaine has been a vital and versatile member of the Thinaer team, playing a role in sales & marketing, product, operations, and now strategic partnerships in her time with the company.

Read on to get a peek into Elaine’s experience at Thinaer and what she had to say about playing her part in the company.

Q: How long have you been with Thinaer? Have you always been in this particular role?

I’ve been at Thinaer for 3 years. I work on a lot of different projects, so my role is ever-changing – which I love!

Q: How would you describe your role? What are your responsibilities?

My main role since joining Thinaer has been account management and the formation & development of our onsite deployment and installation team. We travel on-site to work with our clients & ensure that Thinaer’s products are successfully implemented.

Q: What exciting projects have you been working on lately?

2022 was a great and busy year for my team – we traveled across the US to 11 states and over 16 sites!

Q: How would you say your role helps your fellow team members and/or customers?

My team provides our customers the ease of deployment and ensures that our product and platform is performing properly at each site.

Q: What do you love most about working for Thinaer?

The amazing opportunities for growth and development, and working with a diverse team of innovative, intelligent, and helpful team members!

Q: What have you learned since starting at Thinaer, personally and professionally?

To make opportunities out of challenges! Being in a fast-paced environment requires adaptability and strong problem solving skills. Take challenges head on and find a creative solution!

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I enjoy traveling with my husband & dog (Bruce). I also like to take on home renovation projects and coach soccer.