How IIoT is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

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By Michael Rivera, PhD

IIoT is changing manufacturing as we know it. Companies in the manufacturing space are leveraging the capabilities of IoT to improve operations and productivity. The IIoT movement is getting increasingly attractive as more organizations are moving toward adopting it. 

On the other hand, some companies may have avoided adopting IIoT due to fears or misunderstandings surrounding it. If you are among those not yet enthusiastic about IIoT, this article is for you. You will learn why your company needs Industrial Internet of Things solutions.

The following are the major ways IIoT has been changing the manufacturing industry.

Predictive Maintenance

One of the major challenges companies face is the sudden breakdown of their machines. Before now, it was difficult to know when your machine was about to malfunction. Today, enterprises are solving this problem with the help of IIoT – through predictive maintenance. Real-time data can be used to analyze or spot when a machine needs maintenance work.

Predictive maintenance is using IIoT equipment or solution to identify when a machine needs maintenance and necessary repairs. This helps operation managers avoid machine failures. In addition, IIoT predictive maintenance helps in reducing the maintenance costs of factory equipment.

Increased Automation

Repetitive, manual tasks are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Companies spend a lot of resources trying to keep up with manual tasks. With IIoT, you can automate repetitive industrial processes that require a high degree of focus from the employee.

In addition to saving time and money, automation eliminates human errors that come with handling repetitive tasks manually. So, integrating IoT into your manufacturing workflow helps to increase efficiency and free up employees to focus on more productive tasks.

Visibility into Operations

In a typical manufacturing setting, managers find it challenging to keep tabs on everything happening. This is because of the complexity of manufacturing processes. It’s challenging to have complete visibility into operations manually.

IIoT solves this problem by offering operation managers visibility with real-time insights. So, operators can have a good idea of what is happening and implement measures to ensure nothing gets out of hand.

Improved Customer Experience

With IIoT, companies can track their products’ performance after they leave the production facility. The feedback gotten from products helps manufacturers and product designers to implement changes according to what customers need. This leads to better products and improved customer experience.

Streamline Operations With Thinaer

Adopting IoT with the help of a good vendor changes everything! The Internet of Things is an emerging field with many prospects and positive reviews. One thing that stands out is that you need a good vendor (with a team of refined experts) to analyze your needs and create solutions that suit your manufacturing business.

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