How It Works: Thinaer x Cisco Meraki Joint Solution

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In today’s business landscape, companies are leveraging the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and improve their bottom line. Thinaer and Cisco Meraki have joined forces to provide a comprehensive solution to help businesses collect asset and equipment data across their operations.

Introduction to Thinaer

Thinaer is a leading Industrial IoT solution provider that helps companies leverage the power of IoT to improve business outcomes. Thinaer’s Industrial IoT platform provides real-time insights into assets and equipment, allowing businesses to optimize their operations and make data-driven decisions.

Introduction to Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed networking solution that offers a range of wireless, switching, security, and surveillance products. Meraki sensors are designed to monitor the environment and provide data on temperature, humidity, motion, and more. By integrating Meraki IoT devices into the Thinaer platform, customers can extend the capabilities of their sensors to collect data from assets and equipment across their operations. Together, Thinaer and Cisco Meraki provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to collect data on their assets and equipment.

Joint Solution – How It Works

Step 1: Cisco Meraki Access Point customers identify the need for an IIoT solution.

Step 2: Using already deployed Meraki Access Points, customers configure them to function as a Thinaer Gateway.

Step 3: To supplement Access Point data collection and to increase accuracy, customers then install additional Thinaer Gateways to create a mesh infrastructure layout.

Step 4: To begin collecting data, customers can use Meraki sensors and Thinaer IoT devices to collect asset and equipment data across their operations.

Step 5: The Meraki Access Points and Thinaer Gateways read IoT sensor data and send that data to the cloud for processing. Thinaer’s front-end platform, Sonar, contextualizes data and delivers ROI-driving insights.

Benefits of Thinaer x Cisco Meraki

The Thinaer and Meraki solution offers several benefits for businesses. 

  • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources to get a complete view of a businesses operations on an easy to use platform from Thinaer.
  • Obtain real-time data, enabling organizations to quickly identify and resolve issues. 
  • Easily scalable solutions that allow businesses to easily add more sensors and devices as needed. 

By combining these two technologies, customers can gain a holistic view of their operations, enabling them to optimize their processes and reduce downtime.

In conclusion, the joint solution between Thinaer and Cisco Meraki offers customers a comprehensive Industrial IoT solution. By using Meraki sensors and Thinaer IoT devices, businesses can gain real-time insights into their operations, optimize their processes, and reduce downtime. With a unified platform to manage their IoT environment and advanced security features, customers can trust that their data is safe and secure.