Industrial IoT: Why You Should Adopt IIoT

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By Michael Rivera, PhD

Why should you adopt IIoT? Advancement in IoT technologies is helping business leaders across industries to streamline processes, boost productivity, and improve their products or services. The Internet of Things solutions is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Companies are leveraging the capabilities of industrial IoT to take manufacturing processes to the next level.

The shift to industrial IoT is still in its early days, and many organizations are yet to embrace the goodness of the new way of managing the industrial work process. Even though there are solutions to make the transition easier, some companies are still skeptical about adopting IIoT due to fears or not knowing enough about it.

There is no better time to get in the game than now. Whether your company is fully ready or not, you should be willing to learn about IIoT and how your company can benefit from it. That said, here are a few ways the growth of the IIoT is changing the future of manufacturing work.

Boost in Operational Efficiency

The Industrial Internet of Things helps you improve the efficiency of your operations by providing accurate data and better control over your manufacturing processes. With timely data and insights, you can make better decisions and spot loopholes in your operations.

Better Customer Experience

Access to product performance insights helps you understand how your product is doing and what you need to do to improve things. No matter how great your product ideas are, it takes improving the product according to customers’ needs to stay relevant in the market. IIoT enables you to collect accurate customer data, which is helpful in designing better products.

Shorter Build Times

With improved automation, you can achieve shorter build times. With better automation, your company can make more products in less time. Integrating IoT in manufacturing operations improves pipeline visibility and provides real-time insights – which can be used to enhance automation and shorten build times.

Digitized Maintenance

IIoT helps you implement digitized and automated preventive maintenance. This happens by collecting high-precision data to predict when machines might break down and prevent it before they happen. Leading enterprises are already using predictive maintenance to avoid downtime and reduce machine maintenance costs.

Improving Employee Safety

IIoT can provide valuable data you can use to implement employee safety measures. Using data from IIoT, your company can be better equipped to keep its workplaces safer. This can be achieved by identifying places where typical injuries occur, spotting the cause, and implementing measures to improve employee safety.

Digital Twins

The digital twin is one of the most valuable things you can build when you adopt IIoT.  With data collected from the digital twin, you can save a lot of money and time because it eliminates the need to develop full-size, real-time prototypes.

Become a Part of the IIoT Movement With the Help of Thinaer

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