Thinaer’s Client Experience Platform Captures Real-Time Input

client experience feedback

Understanding the client experience leads to happy clients

Client feedback is important to business success. It supports improved account management, retained clients, and a healthy business. When companies act on feedback from their clients, they improve the overall client experience. Many companies face a common problem with client feedback. It can be hard to capture client input in a timely, organized way.  

It can be difficult to capture client feedback

Companies use a variety of methods to capture the client experience. For instance, some companies collect anecdotal feedback through emails and calls. Additionally, they send surveys to get after-the-fact input.

However, these methods often fall short. For one, anecdotal feedback is just that. It’s largely dependent on existing relationships and it may not represent perspectives across the client organization. Beyond that, when companies send surveys, they ask clients to recall months, maybe a year of activity. Clients then provide general feedback that often lacks the specific constructive detail that could lead to enhanced performance. Or worse, company leaders learn of problems long after clients first experience them.

Thinaer developed a way to capture client feedback

Thinaer’s Client Experience platform is designed to collect real-time feedback and insights from B2B clients and the teams that serve them. This offers multiple benefits.

  1. First, it shows that companies listen to their clients. Collect, respond to, and act on feedback in real-time. With the Thinaer’s Client Experience Platform employees at a client company provide immediate, specific feedback on their interactions. Feedback recipients respond to and manage feedback, right in the platform.
  1. Second, it improves the client experience. When companies act on feedback, clients trust they’ll be heard. This improves relationships and drives retention. 
  1. Finally, it helps firms build strategies around client sentiment, using AI-powered analytics. Thinaer’s AI-powered analytics connects feedback across clients to identify sentiment, trends, and more. These insights give companies more confidence in innovation and strategies to improve the client experience.

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