Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) Announces Thinaer as Research Grant Recipient

Thinaer receives grant to research cultural changes needed for digital transformation and will collaborate with and present to the IRI membership of the world’s leading manufacturing companies. 

Richardson, TX – March 31, 2022: Thinaer announced today the receipt of the prestigious IRI PILOT Research Funding Scheme grant which will be applied to its innovative research in overcoming the complex cultural changes of digital transformation. In addition to providing the IRI membership priority access to Thinaer research, Thinaer will offer select member and non-member companies the opportunity to participate in their research over the next year. 

The research grant promotes innovation in the field of innovation management and digital transformation by recognizing companies who have made extraordinary contributions to practice and research for the benefit of all IRI members. Many leading companies worldwide are embarking on digital transformation initiatives with market projections indicating that spending on digital transformation will reach $6.8 trillion by 2023, yet the projects may not achieve their expected results, due to insufficient training or employee resistance. Thinaer plans to apply the grant to build upon techniques to leverage data-driven and AI-backed technology to combat organizational change fatigue and scale adoption of IoT implementations through an agile people-first approach.

“I am excited to collaborate on this project with my colleagues at Thinaer and look forward to contributing to an ever-expanding body of research,” said Beth Dawson, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Mars Wrigley US. “I’m looking forward to bringing the insights we glean to life in our approach to associate-driven change management.”

“We are uncovering the cultural as well as operational changes needed for successful digital transformation, and then exploring how leaders can leverage technology to include employees throughout the process,” said Cliff Tironi, EVP of Strategic Accounts at Thinaer. “We believe that balancing digital innovation with continuous employee engagement ensures success in the short-, mid-, and long-term of a company’s growth.”

“IRI is committed to offering its members access to research and experiences that will help them flourish under ever-changing conditions,” said Lee Green, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Communities at IRI. “Through grants like this, we are generating world-class research and cultivating leaders who can access critical information, make strategic decisions and achieve aggressive growth.”

Thinaer plans to launch this research project in June at IRI’s annual conference in New Orleans and will ultimately present its findings and recommendations in the Spring of 2023. As part of the program, Thinaer will host a TRACK workshop with IRI membership, which allows participating companies to analyze their unique competencies, determine gaps, and then develop the roadmap to optimize their operations. They will also publish their findings in IRI’s journal, Research Technology Management.

For IRI member and non-member companies interested in participating in the research grant, contact Nicholas Maldonato at


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