Our SaaS Feedback Technology has a new, streamlined look!

We have some great news! We released a new, improved version of DevelapMe, Thinaer’s SaaS Feedback technology. This release improves visibility of your real-time feedback, offers expanded functionality, and provides a sleeker experience. To learn more, watch our short demo video below.

Managing your feedback

  • My Feedback: We organized feedback into a single, filterable table. This makes it easier to view, manage, and take action on feedback that you receive. The table is sorted just like an inbox, by most recent. On the far right of the table, you will see a colored dot that indicates that you need to respond, helping you visualize your outstanding actions. 
  • New Tags: To help you easily find what you need, we categorized feedback with tags like Feedback Received, Feedback Request, and more.

Requesting feedback

  • Media Attachments: You can attach images, videos, or other files to your feedback requests. This helps you provide additional context around the input that you would like.
  • Link Sharing: You can send a feedback request with a public or private link, making it easier than offer to collect feedback. For instance, include feedback links in your presentations, email signature, or other channels.
  • Mass Feedback Requests: When you send a mass feedback request, you can now view response rates and sentiment analysis, right within the platform. In addition, we added tools to help you send both individual and group reminders.
  • Client Feedback Requests. Use our client feedback features to invite your clients to provide feedback on their interactions with your organization. Get real-time input to help you enhance the client experience.

Giving feedback

  • Media Attachments: You can attach images, videos, or other files with your feedback. Use this feature to provide additional context to your feedback.
  • In-Progress Feedback: When giving feedback, your progress will be automatically saved in the platform. Therefore, you can exit the platform without losing what you’ve written.

Overall Improvements to our SaaS Feedback Technology

  • Your home screen will now display tips and tricks tailored to your specific needs. 
  • You’ll also find a new “What’s New” page that will house announcements, release notes, and other helpful content. 
  • UI/UX enhancements including bug fixes, performance improvements, and animated transitions.

Enjoy, and get in touch! This new release is meant to enhance your experience using DevelapMe. If you’d like to learn more about our SaaS Feedback Technology, please feel free to reach out via our contact form.